Road King Electric bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Every time we go on a trip, we must want to reduce the suffering from the trip. In addition, the journey is among one of the most challenging situations because we are going to such a place we choose to discover.  That’s why we have brought the Road King Electric bike Price in Pakistan 2024. And, we know that the new place ignites over energy but on the way we are exhausted. Furthermore, if you wish to make your travel easier and go to your target place in less time, you probably know the importance of a bike; these are the motorcycles that bring these facilities at the least price. One who is going to work will be familiar with the matter that on the bike most of the time is safe.

Price of Road King Electric Bike in Pakistan 2024

The price of the bike is high in the existing auto industry. In the Pakistani market, the prices of automobiles fluctuate continuously because of indigent government policies. And, we are now in the worst situation in which the cost of everything is out of reach for the middle-class people. In addition, to promote these sections of the automobile industry, the particular sector has a significant role. They are enhancing the auto industry of Pakistan by making showrooms in every city.

Price of Road King Electric Bike in Pakistan 2024103,500
Price of Road King Electric Bike in 2024US$113,048.91

On the other hand, most people’s priority is to buy a bike; that’s why the prices of these vehicles have been on the roof from the beginning of these bikes. Furthermore, the specified administrations do not know how to reduce the final cost of bikes and improve the imports and reduce the final cost of the car. Moreover, we shall see that it is imported, so the price of this car is high because of the customs duties in Pakistan on the vehicle.

Lithium-Ion Battery performance

The change has come to the automobile by introducing the Road King electric bikes. In addition, the road king has a fast battery instead of the lithophile. The performance of these bikes is similar to the engine bikes. Furthermore, among the vehicles of the same class, the electric bike has the charm to catch the attraction of the buyers. Moreover, there is no need for an engine in this bike, so we are taking a bird’s eye view of the battery composition of this electric bike. The battery present in this bike will be fully charged in 2 to 4 hours. On the other hand, once the battery is fully charged, it can cover a 100 km distance.

Battery typeDray and lithium-ion battery
Electricity consumption in one charge2 to 3 units
Peak power (hp) output1.2 hp
Time is taken by one charge2 hours to 3 hours
Top speed80 to 90 km
Displacement capacity70 cc and 100 cc
Maximum mileage value100 km per charge

The battery of this bike is a dray and lithium-ion battery, while the battery’s warranty is five years. In addition, we are proud to see the more excellent performance of the Road king. Furthermore, it runs similar to the other engine bikes on the rough and macadamizes the road. Similarly, the battery can be charged quickly, and the exciting point in the charging of the battery is that it consumes only two to three units of electricity.

Design of Road King Electric Bike

The design of the Road King electric bike is similar to the engine bikes. And, in the place of the engine, the battery is installed and possesses a cover. Moreover, we shall find all the conveniences unavailable in other motorcycles. Instead, they are engine bikes or electric bikes. On the other hand, there are three variants of these electric bikes, namely, the E 70, deluxe E 70, and E 100 bikes. These bikes are comparable to the engine bikes having a displacement of 70 ccs. Moreover, the seat and handle are made so that the rider will be comfortable seeing in all directions.

Safety measures in  Road King Electric Bike

This bike is in accordance to give the maximum safety to the rider. In addition, the hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear tire brake system are in this phenomenon. Apart from that lightweight and fragile bike, the Road King Elec bike is slightly better than the other electric bikes. Furthermore, the company is still grabbing the ideas to make it ideal for all electric bikes.

Front and Rear drum brakes
Battery storage indicator
Self-starter mechanism
Safety stainless steel safeguard
Safety Locks
Front and Rear suspension
Hydraulic shock absorber
Rear tire brake system

On the other hand, the helmet is the utmost safety item. While the speed of the bike matters in the accident, it is the most necessary thing. Most of the accidents are due to crossing the speed limit and thus endangering life. If these things were taken off carefully, the casualties would be minimized. Electric bikes are expanding in the market because they move quickly and softly. In addition, these bikes make the journey easier and accessible at a low cost in less time.

stylish speedometer
Led lights
One year warranty on the dry battery
Red Taillights lights
Auto start system with key
Backbone frame design
Red Brake lights
Five-year warranty of the lithium-ion battery
Forward transmission type

The Road king electric bike is more accessible, and the maintenance of this bike does not cost higher than the other bikes. The charging speed is fantastic.

Final words

The fantastic performance of the Road king electric bike will be realized in wild city traffic. When we are stuck in traffic, the bike rider makes their way in that traffic and goes while the other automobile crawls out of this bad traffic. In these circumstances, any individual should choose the electric bike for an easy and quick ride. On the other hand, the bike’s price is not comparable to the other vehicles. However, the features, luxuries, and specifications are much more in the latter But, we have the right to use the best among all e vehicles and do not impress from the style and specs only. Only Beautiful features do not lower the amount we are spending on it. We hope that you like our review of the Road King Electric bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

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