Road Prince Price In Pakistan 2024

People are curious to know Road Prince Price In Pakistan. Different models are introduced by the company every year. Here we will be focusing on all the models that the company has launched and is planning to launch in the coming days. This will create an ease for you to select the model that suits you if we talk about the reputation of the company that is quite good. The company is best known for Chinese bikes after United bikes. So let’s see what we are going to get this year and what we have to pay for it.

Road Prince 70cc Bike

First comes the road prince 70. This bike comes with an engine of 70cc. Just like random Chinese bike companies, this bike also does not have any kind of special feature that makes it unique. From the launch of this bike till now, nothing has changed in this bike. The company only changes the graphics of the fuel tank of this bike at the end of every year when a new model is launched. Users can pour almost 9 litres of fuel (petrol) into this bike. Furthermore, it gives a mileage of 55-60 km/litre.

Road Prince 70cc Bike

Road Prince 70 2024 Price in Pakistan

When the company came to Pakistan, the cost of this bike was only PKR 38,000. But now the price of this bike is PKR 87,500. If we include the registration charges, too, it will cost us almost PKR 109,500. If we go a few months back, the Honda CD 70 was being offered at the same price tag.

Road Prince RP 100:

100cc bikes are mainly used with commercial vehicles such as loader Rickshaws in Pakistan. So this bike comes under the category of commercial vehicles. Good quality material has been added to this bike this year by the company so that it can perform well for commercial purposes. The fuel average here is equally important for this bike. Although you might have heard that 100cc bikes are not fuel efficient, these bikes differ here from other bikes. As it provides an outstanding fuel average of 40 km/litre.

Road Prince RP 100

Road Prince 100 Price in Pakistan 2024:

As a commercial bike, the price of this bike is only PKR 132,500 as the company cares for people buying this bike for commercial vehicles. So the price is kept moderate.

Road Prince 125cc Bike:

After 70cc bikes, 125cc bikes are really popular in Pakistan. The main reason for the popularity of these bikes in the country is the amazing sound of these bikes. Honda was the first to introduce 125cc bikes in Pakistan that are still being used in the country. Road prince 125 was launched in the market a few years ago for people who cannot afford Honda bikes. These bikes are offered at a relatively low cost than the Honda 125. The company claims that this bike provides an average of 55-60 km/litre. But according to our surveys from the users who bought this bike results are different. Users say that this bike provides a fuel average of 40 km/Liter with petrol. But if filled with hi-octane, the efficiency of the bike is increased, and it provides an average of 50 km/litre.

Road Prince 125cc Bike

Road Prince 125 Price in Pakistan 2024:

Where these days, you get a Honda 125 for almost PKR. There Road prince 125cc got your back as this bike is easily available for only PKR 145,500. Remember these are the prices companies are offering, but dealers can also give you some more discount when you visit them,

Road Prince Robinson:

Here comes the differently designed bike of road prince. If we talk about the design of this bike, it is just like the Italian bike Derbi STX 150. This bike is the same in power as derbi but lags a little bit in quality. Buying Chinese bikes can be cheap, but at the same time, you have to compensate for quality. Moreover, there are no complaints about this bike from the people who are currently using it. Despite having a 150cc engine, this bike is still among one of the most fuel-efficient bikes. Whether you are travelling on highways or in traffic, this bike will always provide great efficiency. However, an average of 40 km/litre is experienced by bikers on long routes.

Road Prince 150 cc Price in Pakistan 2024:

Road Prince Robinson’s Price these days is PKR 390,000. This bike is equipped with advanced features such as push start, fuel gauge, RPM meter, Halogen led lights, tail lights and much more to experience.

Road Prince Bikes Features:

Below are some common features that all these bikes come with:

Kick Start/ Push Start
Fuel Gauge
Disc brakes/ Drum Brakes
High quality Shocks
Led Indicators
Tail Light

These features are almost available in all models of these bikes that are mentioned above.

Road Prince Bikes Warranty Period:

Most Chinese bike companies do not offer any warranty period for their bikes. But here, the company is providing a warranty as well as a free first tunning from its official workshops to its customers. Please note that here the warranty only comprises the engine. The warranty is claimable for 6 months or 6000 km.

Road Prince Bikes Availability in Pakistan 2024:

In brief these bikes are available everywhere in all cities and villages of Pakistan. Road prince has a wide network of dealerships all over the country. Above, we have discussed all the available models of this company in Pakistan. The engine life of these bikes is 5-6 years only. But if you use these bikes with care, you can have a better experience. For a better life for these bikes, we just need the users to get these bikes tunned on time. Besides getting the bike tuned, it is also necessary to use the best quality engine oil in these bikes. That’s what the company officials say. For this, the company also had official workshops throughout the country where you can get original parts for your bikes. This was all about Road Prince Price In Pakistan.

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