Super Asia 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Super Asia 200cc bike has been launched in Pakistan. Super Asia is a well-known brand in Pakistan. The company has been making bikes and different heavy equipment in Pakistan for quite a long. Now the company has come up with a 200cc bike that is ready to roll on the market. The company has launched different bikes before that, including the 70cc, 100cc, and 125 cc bikes. Due to the standard specs, features, and shapes of other Chinese bike companies, the bikes of Super Asia couldn’t make a strong market. So now the company has added a 200cc bike under their local lineup in Pakistan. This bike comes with some great features and specifications. Besides this being a Chinese bike, the price of this bike is also kept low. Let’s see the price of this bike first and then move toward the features and specifications of this bike further.

Super Asia 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan:

You can buy this 200cc bike in Pakistan for PKR 1 Lac to 2 Lac Rupees.

Super Asia 200cc Bike Comfort:

This bike is great if we talk about comfort. Most of the bikes with this shape are made for two people, but none of them is comfortable while travelling as the weight is applied from behind to the driver, who feels tired after a certain time. Here comfort has been made a priority by the company to solve this issue. The shape of the seat of this bike is made in a way that two people can have a journey full of pleasure without getting tired on this bike.

Super Asia 200cc Bike Braking System:

The braking system of bikes with 200cc must be good. The company has added front disc brakes and rear drum brakes for this bike. Now note an important point here. Never apply front brakes alone when travelling at maximum speed, as it can cause a road accident. You may fall instantly from your bike after this act. Always try to apply both front and rear brakes together as it will stop the bike instantly without any hazard of falling. That’s the reason why rear brakes are not drum type for this bike.

Super Asia 200cc Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike lies somewhere between 22-25 km per litre. This fuel average is not good, not bad. If we see the engine of this bike is 200cc, we will see that it is the right of this bike to consume this much fuel as you have heard and observed yourself that most heavy bikes consume much more fuel than ordinary bikes. That is due to the engine with more displacement installed in the bike by the company.

Super Asia 200cc Fuel Tank Capacity:

The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 13.5 litres. This is relatively low for a bike that is equipped with a 200cc engine. The company needs to work on the fuel tank capacity of this bike as users won’t buy this bike when they see the low fuel tank capacity of this bike. Sports bike lovers having love to buy bikes with these kinds of features always prefer bikes with good fuel averages and fuel tank capacities. 200cc bikes are not made for daily use but only for long routes. So, the fuel tank capacity is a great concern for people buying these types of bikes.

Super Asia 200cc Top Speed:

The top speed for this bike is 150 km per litre. It also depends on the road where the bike is being driven.

Super Asia 200cc Top Speed

Super Asia 200cc Engine Displacement:

A 200cc supercooled engine has been added to this bike by the company. This engine provides maximum performance when the bike is being used for long routes.

Super Asia 200cc Features:

Only necessary features have been added to this bike by the company. Some of the features of this bike include:

Drum Brakes (Rear)
Disc Brakes (Front)
High powered headlight
Alloy rims

These are all the features of this bike. You might have observed that this bike does not come with any extraordinary features. This is due to the low price of this bike. You don’t even get a 125-cc bike at the price at which the company is providing you with a 200cc bike. So, these features are good enough for a bike with this price tag.

Super Asia 200cc Specifications:

The specifications of the Super Asia 200cc include the following:

Length2048 mm
Width760 mm
Height1075 mm
Seating Capacity2 Persons

These are all the specifications of this bike. The company may change the specifications of this bike from time to time when they see demand from the user’s side. Currently, users want the company to increase the fuel tank capacity of this bike so that they can travel on long routes without any hassle of getting out of fuel in the middle of the journey.

Super Asia 200cc Availability:

Super Asia does not have any specific showroom where they sell their bikes. This bike is available at different Chinese bike dealers all over Pakistan. If you are also short of budget and still want to buy a sports bike, then this bike is for you. You can buy this bike by visiting any authorized Super Asia bike dealer near you. In addition to this, you can also buy this bike in used condition at an even lower price. Now it’s on you whether you may go for a new Super Asia 200cc bike or buy a used one. This was all about Super Asia 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan.

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