Suzuki Bandit 650 Price in Pakistan 2024 Specs

Heavy bikes are now the futuristic vehicle for the youngers in this era. That’s why we ah e brought Suzuki Bandit 650 Price in Pakistan 2024. Sports bikes are now an exciting field because every bike rider wishes to own this bike. In addition, the lavish style and outstanding performance of these sports bikes make them the first choice of the young generation. In addition to this area, we are now discussing the Suzuki heavy bike or sports bike in this article. Suzuki’s new product, Suzuki, is outstanding among sports bikes.

Regarding the design, performance, fuel economy, and latest price of this heavy bike. We will briefly discuss the Suzuki Bandit 650 engine parts, functionality, and all other information regarding this topic in detail. It would help if you were a master of this bike because every specific information is here in an easy way to understand significantly. The manufacturing of this sports bike is according to meet all the needs of race bikes. We deliver in the best way, and we avoid all the unnecessary information in this article to save our precious time. Come straight to this page and read all the latest figures about the Suzuki Bandit 650 cc in less time and know the working of this bike. Furthermore, these bikes are significantly less in quantity in Pakistan because their price is very high,h, h high everyone can not afford them.

Price of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc in Pakistan in 2024

The price of the Suzuki bike is very high in Pakistan because they are imported from Japan. The taxation prices of these bikes are very high, which leads to the rise in the final cost of the bike. Every person knows that in the international market, the trade is in US dollars. In addition, the value of the Pakistani rupee is decreasing tremendously, which is the most significant cause of the increasing price of imported vehicles. The cost of all these bikes and other autos depends upon the connection between the dollar and the Pakistani rupee. However, the outstanding design of this bike has a significant factor in its high price of this bike.

Price of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc in Pakistan in 2024PKR 1,450,000
Price of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc in 2024 in USD$5.117,35

Engine Specifications

The engine in the Suzuki Bandit is extremely [powerful to roar on the road rather than the quality of the road. The ignition style of this heavy bike is fully electronic and meets the latest features of the sportbike. In addition, the fuel control system in the Suzuki Bandit is a double overhead cam or twin cam ( DOHC). At the same time, the displacement of this heavy bike in cubic inches is 40.03.

Engine typeIn-line four, a four-stroke petrol engine
Power (hp)85.00 HP (62.0 kW)) @ 10500 RPM
Torque62.00 Nm (6.3 kg-m or 45.7 ft. lbs) @ 8900 RPM
Bore x stroke65.5 x 48.7 mm (2.6 x 1.9 inches)
Fuel controlDouble Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)
MileageBurn 4.8-liter petrol over 100 km distance
Displacement in cc656.00 cc (40.03 cubic inches)

The transmission mechanism of the Suzuki Bandit heavy bike issix6 gears and the ignition of this bike is electronic. In addition, there are four valves per cylinder, and the final drive is Chain.

Design of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc

Now, after the engine and essential information discussion, we will discuss the suspicious design of the Suzuki Bandit. This sports bike has a throttle body and 19 liters bigger fuel tank. In addition, the digital speedometer of this bike is gorgeous and appropriately gives precise and delicate information. On the other hand, the pillion of this bike has a grab rail which makes it sustainable. Furthermore,  lean more toward Suzuki sportbikes in the design department, and the sitting position is slightly more forward than on a cruiser tourer. On the other hand, the Suzuki Bandit 650 cc heavy bike comes in three colors; Black, white, and gray, while the other motorcycle comes only in two colors.

Design of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc

Features of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc

There are many features of the Suzuki Bandit 650 cc, but due to saving our precious time, only the essential parts will see you here. In addition, by comparing these features of the Bandit 650 with another heavy bike, you should know the difference in the elegant design and stunning performance of this sports bike.

Disc Brakes
656cc DOHC Petrol Engine Liquid Cooled
Electronic fuel Injection
Comfortable Split Seat
Sports Bike
19.00 liters (5.02 gallons)
Switch Starter
Throttle bodies
4 S Link-type valve Cylinders
Pillion Grab Rail
Power Indications lights

Besides these stunning performance features, other features are also available in this bike which makes the ride perfect. Furthermore, the superb execution of the Suzuki Bandit beats the road to perform better.

Safety Information

In The Suzuki Bandit 650 cc bike, the safety measures and precautions are much more than another bike because it is a race bike. Although, the safety of a motorcycle is not considered complete because, on the bike, the rider is exposed to the environment and can not save himself from the hurdles on the road.

Digital speedometer
Double disc front brake with Optional ABS (anti-lock braking system)
Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped, adjustable spring preload front suspension
Safety locks
Single disc rear brake with Optional ABS (antilock braking system)
Water-cooled engine
Link-type, coil spring, oil damped, adjustable spring loa,d, and rebound damping rear suspension
Fuel check system

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Final words

The Suzuki Bandit 650 is a heavy-duty sports bike having a high price. In addition, it is a race bike imported from another country, so the price is high throughout the year. The performance of this bike is fantastic, and no one can beat it because of the excellent service. The Suzuki Bandit sprints up to 240 km per hour, and the dry weight of this bike is 196 kg. On the other hand, it can consume 4.8 liters of petrol, covering a distance of 100 km. This value is very good for these bikes because they burn a lot of fuel due to the high power production. We hope that you like our review of Suzuki Bandit 650 Price in Pakistan 2024.

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