Suzuki Celerio Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Celerio is available in different variants with the name Suzuki Cultus in Pakistan. The company has announced Suzuki Celerio Price in Pakistan 2024. Internationally this car is known as Celerio, but for Pakistan, the company has named it Cultus. This car accompanies different features and specifications. The price of this car has gone up these days, and Suzuki needs to take notice of it; otherwise, the sales of this car may drop to zero. Let’s see what is the price of this car these days after the recent price hike in the automotive industry. The price of this car is as follows:

Suzuki Celerio Price in Pakistan 2024:

This car comes in three different variants that are offered at different prices by the company. The variants of this car include VXR, VXL, and AGS. The prices of all these three variants for this car in Pakistan are listed below:

Suzuki Celerio VXRPKR 2,330,000/-
Suzuki Celerio VXLPKR 2,564,000/-
Suzuki Celerio AGSPKR  2,762,000/-

These are the latest prices for all these variants of this car in Pakistan. Users can select the variant depending on their choice. Here there is a slight difference in the features of the VXL and VXR models of this car. The main difference is the side mirrors and windows in these variants; both of these things are powered in VXL, while in the other one, it is hand-operated manually. While the AGS variant is the best among all these three variants as it comes with automatic transmission and is equipped with all the latest features by Suzuki that have made the sales of this car much higher. AGS variant is the top-selling model for this car in Pakistan due to its reliable features.

Suzuki Celerio Colors:

Different colors are available for this car in Pakistan, including:

  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Pearl Black
  • White

These are all the available colors for this car in Pakistan. Users intending to buy this car can select any one color according to their taste or personality. This car has some of the best color ranges as compared to other cars of Suzuki that are manufactured locally in Pakistan. Moreover, the superb paint job done by the experts hired by Suzuki has enhanced the look of this car.

Suzuki Celerio Comfort:

Talking about the comfort of this car here, let me tell you that this car is much more comfortable than other cars of Suzuki such as the Suzuki Alto and the Suzuki Wagon R. That’s also one of the main reasons for the price difference between this car if we compare it with these two cars of Suzuki.

Suzuki Celerio Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this car is the main thing due to why people shift from sedans to these cars. The fuel average of this car ranges between 18-22 km per liter. This fuel average is amazing as it comes with a 1000 cc engine. As other cars in the same league are not fuel efficient.

Suzuki Celerio Interior:

The interior of this car comes with different features; the AGS variant has most of the features that the other two variants lag. But the common features that are present in all the variants of this car include power windows, power mirrors, electronic power steering, and automatic/manual transmission. Besides this, a high-quality air conditioner has been installed in this car by the company, which never lets you feel hot in the summer. This car is suitable for 5 people if your daily route is within the city.

Suzuki Celerio Interior

Suzuki Celerio Exterior:

The exterior of this car comes with power-assisted side mirrors and a chrome-colored grill that makes the look of this car more attractive. Besides this, the alloy rims added by Suzuki to this car are an addition to the beauty of this car.

Suzuki Celerio Exterior

Suzuki Celerio Features:

Some of the amazing features of this car are as follows:

Power Mirrors
Electronic Power Steering
ABS Brakes
Adjustable Seats
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Driver Seat Belt Warning
Door Opening Warning
High Mount Stop Lamp

These are all the features with which this car is equipped.

Suzuki Celerio Specifications:

The below chart shows the specifications of this car:

Length3600 mm
Width1600 mm
Height1540 mm
Wheel Base2425 mm
Ground Clearance145 mm
Kerb Weight785 kg
Seating Capacity5
No. of Doors4

These are all the specifications, including the length, width, and height of this car. People are often concerned with the height of the car that how high it is from the roads. That’s due to uneven jumpers on the road that damage the body frame of the car. Here let me tell you that Pak Suzuki had already kept in mind the road conditions of the country during the time when this car was being manufactured for its use in Pakistan. So this car is suitable for every road condition in the country.

Suzuki Celerio Availability:

This car is available under the name of Suzuki Cultus all over the country at various Suzuki showrooms. If you are interested in buying this car, then visit your nearest Suzuki car showroom and meet the respective salesperson there. Tell him the desired color in which you want to buy that car along with the variant, whether you want to go for manual transmission or want to opt for an automatic transmission car. These days it is better to have an automatic car if you have a good budget, as it is easy to operate and doesn’t consume much effort in gear shifting. Moreover, the increased traffic on roads has forced car users to buy automatic cars. Here let me add one thing the built quality of this car is not too good according to the price range. This car lags when we talk specifically about build quality.

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