Toyota Aygo price in Pakistan 2024 Specs

The Toyota Aygo is a small SUV (sport utility vehicle), and it was first introduced in 2005 by the corporation. So today, is bringing you the Toyota Aygo price in Pakistan 2024.

As guessed from the title, you should realize that the name “Aygo” comes from “i-go,” which means freedom and mobility. The carmakers pay great attention to ensuring the comfortability and sensation of free movement on the City Road or highway. Furthermore, all versions of the Toyota Aygo after 2021 are fitted with an engine immobilizer to ensure the occupant’s safety.

The Aygo has now been replaced with the Toyota Aygo X, which has all the strengths of the small city car. Facelift aside, this is the second-generation Aygo that replaced the original in 2014.

Furthermore, the Aygo is not a hybrid car, but the sources said that the new variant might be returned in electric hybrid vehicles.

Price of Toyota Aygo in Pakistan 2024

The price of Toyota Aygo 2024 in Pakistan is 21 lacs 75 thousand. In addition, the cost of Toyota Aygo depends upon the car’s overall condition. They are available in Pakistan at different prices. The minimum price of Toyota Aygo in Pakistan is 12 lacs, and the maximum price is up to 25 lacs. If you’re considering financing options for your purchase, exploring options with a licensed money lender online could be a prudent choice to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

Price of Toyota Aygo in Pakistan 2024PKR 27.1 lacs
Price of Toyota Aygo in  2024

The exterior of Toyota Aygo

The outer body of Toyota Aygo is designed and given the shape of a sports and subcompact car.

Furthermore, the alloy wheels are placed in this car which increases its beauty on the road, and these alloy wheels have the ability not to rust and last for a long time. In addition, the LED daytime running lights in this car reinforce the superior style by helping the drivers drive on dark roads.

The Toyota Aygo will be available in the following colors

a)ruby flare



d)blue overshadow

e)dark sand,

f)great silver metallic

g) blue.

The exterior of Toyota Aygo

Besides, it ensures a safe and smooth drive for you in rough and wild city traffic by; Inning you confidence in your industry with vehicle stability control to travel on bumpy roads.

Furthermore, it has a wide range of other optional equipment to customize your car, choosing your personalized exterior colors and cabin materials.

Interior of Toyota Aygo,

The Toyota Aygo, has lavishly vogue leather-covered seats and a steering wheel, which gives enough relief to the passenger. At the same time, the hearts of this car are comfortable enough for traveling in city traffic.

Furthermore, the cabin is assigned a unique look by styling it with a particular dashboard.

In addition, the Aygo is an excellent car for first-time drivers because it is a small and light subcompact car and is easily controlled. And going towards the multimedia features, every Aygo has a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, including Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio system, and four speakers, and they produce a big sound.

Interior of Toyota Aygo,

Furthermore, the CD player and DVD player are also installed in this car.

On the other hand, the seating space of this car is four people. Although five people can also sit, it reduces the legroom space for the passenger.

Safety measures in Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo ensures safety and guarantees a safe drive in huge city traffic because it is a light car and easily controlled; hence it gives you the confidence to drive it comfortably.

Lane departure system
Smart keyless entry
Vehicle stability control
Power Steering Wheel
Navigation app system
Engine Immobilizer
ABS (anti-lock braking system)
ISOFIX child-seat mounts
Tyre pressure monitoring system,

Safety measures in Toyota Aygo

In addition, the Toyota Aygo safety sense provides a Pre-Collision System that is laser-controlled that warns the driver of an imminent collision with a vehicle ahead. In simple words, it gives an alarm from forwarding collision and reads Pre-Crash Brake Assist to deliver emergency braking as soon as the brake pedal is pressed.

Moreover, there are four airbags. It has vehicle stability control and a range of other optional equipment that can customize your car by choosing your personalized exterior colors and cabin materials.

Salient features of Toyota Aygo

The essential aspects of Toyota Aygo are many, but some of them are discussed here to increase your knowledge about this car.

Power locks
Bluetooth connectivity
7.0-inch touch screen
Manual air conditioning system
CD player
AM/FM Radio
USB port
Alloy Wheels
Power Steering
DVD player
Remote keyless entry
Less fuel consumption
Sport body type.

You will be wondering how this car has many reliable features. But it is the reality that Toyota has revolutionalized for the past decade.

Specifications of Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan

The Cylinder configuration of Toyota Aygo is DOHC 1.0 liter In-Line.

Three cylinders with twelve valves are inserted, which produce a maximum power of 72hp (horsepower). Furthermore, the fuel system installed in this car is EFI, so it’s perky enough to potter around the city, but it struggles to keep up with fast-moving motorway traffic. Moreover, the vehicle Accelerating from 0 to 62mph in 13.8 seconds takes a very leisurely – and quite noisy – 14 seconds.

Engine displacement capacity1000cc approximately
Engine type and cylinder configurationDOHC and inline
Engine Power production capability69 hp @ 6000 RPM
No.of cylinder and valvesThree cylinders and 12 valves
Fuel type and fuel systemPetrol and EFI
Transmission mechanism typeFully automatic
Maximum Mileage20 km to 25 km per liter of petrol

The Toyota Aygo has automated manual transmission, which has a fully automatic shift mode in which no clutch pedal is required for information, and by using computer control to synchronize engine, clutch, and transaxle for quick and accurate shifting. Moreover, the hood of this car consists of a double fuel injector framework with the adjusted shaft, low RRC, enlarged 4th, and 5th riggings, and improved pressure compression proportion

Final words

The Toyota Aygo is a fuel economical car; in simple words, it consumes less fuel for a given displacement than another car. His car’s mileage on City Road is 20 km under one liter of petrol consumption, and on the highway, its mileage is up to 27  under one liter. On the other hand, the official performance figures of Toyota Aygo show that the extra power is worthwhile, with the Aygo managing 0-62mph in 13.8 seconds. Furthermore, the top speed of this car is 180 km per hour or in miles; it is 99mph.

Last but not least, we hope that Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan 2024 has given you enough information about the car.

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