Toyota Grande Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota is a pioneer in making high-quality cars. Toyota Grande Price in Pakistan 2024 is available here. Different cars have been launched in Pakistan by the company. Some of the famous cars of the company include the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris, Toyota C-HR, and much more. The company has been in the market for many years. Toyota believes in quality; that’s what people like about the brand. Quality is the main reason why people are shifting towards this brand in Pakistan.

Toyota Grande is a variant of the Toyota Corolla that comes with a more powerful engine and an extraordinarily beautiful facelift shape that distinguishes it from other variants of the Corolla. Here we will be focusing specifically on the variant named Grande in the article. Toyota has always won the hearts of its consumers by introducing something new under the local lineup of its cars in Pakistan. Let’s see how Grande differs from other models of Toyota in Pakistan. But before, let’s have a look at the price of this car. The price of this car that has been announced recently by Toyota for this car is as follows:

Toyota Grande Price in Pakistan:

Grande comes in two variants. Both variants have a slight difference in prices. The prices of both cars are as under:

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8PKR 7,759,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8PKR 7,799,000

The name of both of the variants may seem similar to you. So here, let us clear to you why the price difference occurs. Here the first one comes with a beige interior. The beige interior is not much in demand, due to which the price is kept low. The other one mentioned in the table has a black interior.

As you know that whether it’s a bike or a car, black color is always in demand. Due to the great demand and the elegant look of the interior, the company has made the price high for the car that comes with this kind of interior. The cars with this interior are still good in sales as compared to the beige interior due to the classy feel a user gets as soon as he enters his car.

Toyota Grande Delivery Time:

The delivery time of this car is about 6 months. Now it’s on you that you wait for 6 months to get your car after booking or get it sooner by paying some extra amount.

Toyota Grande Delivery Time

Toyota Grande Fuel Average:

After quality, the second main reason for the great sales of Toyota cars is the fuel average. Here the fuel average of this car is 14.8 km per liter. The reason behind this much good fuel average is the CVT transmission added to this car by the company. Toyota Corolla cars are much more fuel efficient if we compare them to the cars of Honda, such as the Honda Civic. The reason for the good fuel efficiency of Toyota cars is nothing but the CVT transmission. In short, the fuel average of this car is a gift from Toyota to its lovers.

Toyota Grande Engine Displacement:

This car is equipped with an 1800 cc engine. This engine maximizes the performance of this car while maintaining fuel efficiency. In addition to this, the engine is capable of providing a top speed of 200 km per hour. At the same time the basic variant of this car comes with a 1600 cc engine.

Toyota Grande Safety Features:

For safety purposes, the company has added 2 airbags to this car. This is done to make sure the safety of the driver as well as the passenger.

Toyota Grande Safety Features

Toyota Grande Colors:

Different colors are available for this car in Pakistan, including:

  • Super White
  • Strong Blue
  • Black
  • Metallic Silver
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Grey

These are all the available colors for this car in Pakistan.

Toyota Grande Features:

This car is covered with different features. Toyota has tried its best to cover the maximum features in this price range for this car in Pakistan. Some of the main features of this car include:

Electric Power Steering
McPherson Strut Coil Springs
Alloy Wheels
ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors
High Mount Stop Lamp
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Traction Control
Vehicle Stability Control
Adjustable Headlights
Front Speakers
Rear Speakers

These are all the features of this car. Toyota lovers will be really happy when they are able to enjoy these high-end features in their all-new Grande.

Toyota Grande Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length4620 mm
Width1775 mm
Height1475 mm
Wheelbase2700 mm
Ground Clearance175 mm
No. of Doors4
Seating Capacity5 persons
Engine TypePetrol
Torque173 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Horsepower138 HP @ 6400 RPM

These are all the specifications of this car. The specifications might be like basic variants of the Corolla with a similar shape. The only difference occurs when it comes to certain features. It is equipped with a sunroof, climate control, power mirrors, and push start, while the basic variant does not have any kind of feature like this.

Toyota Grande Availability:

This car is easily available at different Toyota showrooms all over Pakistan. Simply visit the nearest dealership in your area or town and make a booking. Upon booking, you have to wait for 6 months to get your car delivered. Make sure you study the specifications chart and features chart displayed here and on the official website of Toyota so that all your thoughts are clear regarding this car. This was all about Toyota Grande Price in Pakistan 2024.

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