What is the best smelling/long-lasting air freshener for your car?

Ambience plays an important role, no matter if it is at home or in a car. Already planned date or a night out but forgot about the ambience? I am sure one would not like to spoil their special day, after dressing their best and taking the best car for the day just because of ambience! The ambience may be a small thing but has a significant role to play. And well, it isn’t a myth that humankind is attracted by good smell! We all have to agree to it, come on! 

People having kids might have a lousy smell even more because kids spill the food everywhere, and then the car stinks. The car also stinks when sometimes we keep opening the windows; the foul odour enters the car destroying the ambience. Well, don’t worry because all of these problems have one simple solution- a car freshener. Technology has not held itself back with ties; it has made way for perfumes to reach everywhere; similarly, car fresheners are a way to cars. 

Car fresheners instantly lift the passengers and drivers mood and create a jolly and elegant environment for one’s in the car. Not to forget, car perfumes are also in the race! With the variety of options in the market, I feel the car has started smelling more fresh and luxurious than one’s home. 


  • The car freshener purifies the air and helps kill germs that might cause any disease.
  • It’s long-lasting. Refill is the handiest thing, and one can easily change them to get a new one instantly.
  • It has a hassle-free installation method so that anyone can install it.
  • It helps keep the environment cool. The scorching sun may irritate one during drives; in this case, a car freshener may come to use.
  • The smell of the air freshener can be modified according to the temperature and atmosphere of the car.

Buying Guide:

  • Hygiene: The most important thing to look for while buying a car freshener is hygiene because the primary purpose behind buying it is also hygiene. Not every car freshener is good for one’s health, so it’s advisable to look for a freshener, which helps kill germs and avoid diseases.
  • Features: While buying, one should be clear with the features they want in their car freshener, making buying easier.
  • Durability: When looking for a car freshener, it is essential that it is long-lasting and also has a refill option.
  • Cost: It is essential to make sure that the product one is buying is worth the investment.
  • Scent: Scent is another important thing one always has to choose wisely. Some people are allergic to strong scents, and everyone has a different taste when it comes to scents, so one has to choose it wisely.
  • Packaging: It is essential to check for packaging if it is a cardboard container or an aerosol; it can fit in without hassle.

Read More to discover the best car air Fresheners in India


1.Godrej Aer Twist – Best car air freshener

  • Designer car fragrance; aromatic and long-lasting ( Up to 60 days)
  • Available in different fragrance scents
  • It has clever gel technology.
  • It is split proof; one doesn’t need to worry about rough roads.
  • It has an elegant design to fit the car’s A.C. vent.
  • Easy refill 
  • It has a simple click mechanism to switch on and off the freshener as needed.

2.Ambi Pur Car Freshener – Best automatic car air freshener

  • It comes with a car perfume refill 
  • It has a luxury vibe
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Available in different scents


  • It has a premium aroma
  • Its smell lingers even after the product is over.
  • Along with its luxurious scent, it also has a nice look
  • It gives a pleasant environment.

4.Airpro Luxury Sphere Gel Air Freshener – Best car perfume in India

  • It keeps the environment fresh for long
  • It has a pleasant vibe
  • It is long-lasting (Up to 60 days)
  • Twist feature, hence easy to use
  • Gel mechanism

5.Urban Lifestylers Flourish Air Freshener Gel

  • It helps get rid of foul odour and leads to a pleasant environment.
  • Compact and subtle packaging
  • Long-lasting

A car freshener can be a life-changer for anyone. Whether one wants to use it for a daily purpose or special occasions, it doesn’t matter. Even if one’s main purpose may not be their car smelling good, I would still advise one to get their hands on it because it purifies the air and kills germs leading to a cleaner environment. Especially in this coronavirus situation, it is never enough to take precautions. It has multiple benefits and is worth the money one puts in. To be honest, it is not even high on budget, which can be a significant plus point.


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