IG Punjab to Launch Computerized Driving Test in Pakistan

Recently you may have heard the decision of IG Punjab to launch computerized driving test in Pakistan Recommendation for driving license will no longer work, Lahore Police computerized traffic rules and gesture tests and introduced new system online road sign test, IG Punjab to launch the system in the entire province.

According to sources, the driving test has been computerized to eradicate the culture of recommendation. In Lahore, initially computerized test software for traffic signals will be started from driving license candidates. Computerized test system has been launched at DHA driving test center. Where every citizen will be registered under the quantum system, all the data on the new system will be fed by the citizens themselves. As soon as the data is completed, the test of traffic rules and signs will be computerized, the result will come out with the name of the candidate.

Driving Test in Pakistan

Lahore CTO Hammad Abid says that before this, tests were conducted by making signs on paper across the province. Computerized licenses will be issued only to eligible candidates. Traffic police developed the software in collaboration with PITB.  IG Punjab Inam Ghani appreciated the initiative of Lahore Traffic Police and ordered to introduce it across the province before December 1.

On the other hand, the government has decided to issue driving licenses to deaf and dumb people. The Punjab Chief Minister has issued instructions to the law ministry to legislate. The law ministry should prepare proposals for issuing driving licenses to deaf and dumb people and submit them to the cabinet within a month. This is really a great initiative taken by the IG Punjab as it will eradicate all the culture of recommendation and each and every person will only get license on the basis of his or her driving skills. In this way the license will also go only in hand of the eligible person. This was all about decision of IG Punjab to launch computerized driving test in Pakistan.

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