Proton X90 Price in Pakistan 2023

Proton X90 is going to be launched soon in Pakistan. The company is currently offering Proton Saga to the people of Pakistan. Before telling you more about the car, let me tell you briefly about the company. The company belongs to Malaysia. Many cars are successfully running all across the globe. This car is also going to be a masterpiece for the Pakistani automotive industry. People these days are looking for cars with more features and specifications at a relatively lower price. The company Proton has a good standing in Pakistan.

The company has already sold many units of its first car Proton Saga in Pakistan. People at first didn’t like the car due to its old shape, but later, great units were sold due to its extraordinary fuel economy and built quality. The company has worked hard on the build quality as well as the safety features of this car. That is also one of the main reasons why it is among the best and most used cars in Malaysia at such an economical price. Now the company has applied the same strategy in its newly launched car, the Proton X90, which will be surely seen in Pakistan in a couple of months.

Here let’s see what proton lovers are going to get and what would be the certain amount of money they had to pay to enjoy this car. The price at which users will be able to buy this car as soon as it gets launched in Pakistan is mentioned beneath.

Proton X90 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan is expected to be PKR 8,600,000.  The price can vary depending on the time when the company plans to launch this car in Pakistan. Price may seem higher to many of you as the brand is new. Many people say that the company should make the price lower in order to gain the attention of automotive lovers so that they can sell more units of this car in Pakistan. But here, let me clear this confusion of the people that the price of this car is already very less because this is a hybrid car. If we see other hybrid cars that are being offered by local brands, such as the Toyota Prius, then its price is more than one crore. So, by having a comparison of this car with it, the car is much more economical in terms of price.

Proton X90 Interior:

The interior of this car is spacious. It has great legroom that is perfect for people of any kind of height. Plus, its seat is adjustable to any position depending on the body structure of the person while driving the car. It has been seen in the case of various cars that it is difficult for people with more height and weight to drive the car due to lower headroom and legroom, but in the case of this car, everything is made up to the mark so that the driver, as well as the passengers, can enjoy the drive of this car to its fullest.

Proton X90 Interior

Proton X90 Exterior:

The exterior of this car comes with power mirrors, an automatic opening trunk, big-sized alloy wheels, and much more. Here the company has done a great job by adding this automatic trunk to this car. This feature comes mostly in different luxury cars that are offered at a particularly higher price as compared to the price of this car. The function of this trunk is to sense the user and open the trunk. In this way, the person gets saved from the hassle of opening the trunk manually or remotely, especially when carrying luggage.

Proton X90 Exterior

Proton X90 Features:

To make the car more reliable and effective in this price bracket, the company is providing the following features to its users:

Panoramic Sunroof
Ambient Lightning
Front Welcome Lamps
19 inch alloy wheels
Captain Seats
Ventilated Seats
Walk Away Auto-lock
Power Tailgate

These are all the features added to this car by the company. Proton hopes the user will enjoy the drive of this car more with all these features.

Proton X90 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as under:

Length4830 mm
Width1900 mm
Height1764 mm
Kerb Weight1730 kg

These are all the specifications with which this car is equipped. All these specifications were the need of time. Otherwise, the company may get out of the league in the automotive market of Pakistan. We know that just like every other field, the competition in the automotive industry in Pakistan is also becoming high. So, the company has done a great job by making this car using all these specifications. In addition, the company has added really strong batteries to the car to make the performance of this car even better.

Proton X90 Availability in Pakistan: 

This car will be seen on the roads of Pakistan as soon as the company makes an official announcement regarding the launch of this car in Pakistan. It will be the first seven-seater car of Proton in Pakistan. If you are really anxious and cannot even wait a day to get hands-on with your all-new Proton X90, then no need to worry, as there is nothing impossible in this world. You can buy this car by getting in contact with the proton officials working globally. They will be happy to assist you throughout the import process. Moreover, if you know any trusted imported car dealer, he can also get this car imported easily through some verifications and simple steps. This was all about Proton X90 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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