Charade Car Price in Pakistan 2023

Charade Car Price in Pakistan is available here. The car was announced for the first time in the country by the company Daihatsu in 1986. Being manufactured with good quality parts, the vehicle is still running on the country’s roads. But sadly, the vehicle has been discontinued in the country, and many other cars have taken the place of this car in Pakistan. We know that a product is offered by a company for a certain period, and after that, people demand something new that is more advanced in terms of features as well as specifications.

The interesting thing about this car is that after being discontinued, the car is still being offered at different car showrooms that deal in used cars. The reason behind this is simple. We know that the trend of getting old cars modified with super engines and designing their bodies later is becoming common in the country and has become a business. So here, the case of this car is familiar. The car in Pakistan is used by different car geeks in the country so that they can build something more unique.

The car is old-fashioned and is often preferred by different car clubs in the country. They buy these cars and swap the engine of the car with that of some heavy-duty car and, later, use it for different purposes such as drag racing and much more. So, let’s see what price of the car they have to pay when they buy this type of car. The price of these cars in the country is as follows:

Charade Car Price in Pakistan:

The car is available for sale in the country for PKR 200,000. Now you may know why the car in the country is still available to users. The price of the car is really low, and it becomes really easy for the users to get it modified and sell it later on with a good profit, so the sale of the car is still continuing in the country now. Here the main reason for the sale of this car now is the good build quality.

Charade Car Price in Pakistan 2023

The cars whose engines are to be swapped with the ones with heavy duties must come with good build quality as cars with low build quality cannot carry these types of engines, which can increase the risk of falling engines, especially when one is driving at higher speeds. The cars after engine swapping are always driven at higher speeds because that is why the engine was changed.

Charade Car Safety Features:

The car comes with no safety features because, at the time when the car was launched in the country, the trend of adding safety features to the car was not common. The price of the car is only PKR 200,000, and you don’t even get a good bike these days, so the non availability of the safety features in the car is not a big deal. At the time of upgradation in the engine of the car, these features can also be upgraded easily by the addition of a steering wheel equipped with airbags as well as the addition of different features as well as immobilizer and warning lights.

Charade Car Top Speed:

The top speed of this car on a stock engine is around 145 km per hour. What else does a user need in this kind of price range? The car has all the necessary features, long with this much top speed, that could beat other cars on the road in seconds.

Charade Car Top Speed

Charade Car Colors:

Being old, there may be fewer colors available for this car now. The common colors in which the car is available in the country include:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Red

These are all the colors that are available for this car in the country. If you are a Charade lover and are thinking of buying this car for daily use on a stock engine, then all these colors are best, as all colors are made according to the body shape of this car.

Charade Car Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as follows:

Wheel Covers
Manual Assisted Windows
Manual Assisted Mirrors
4-speed Manual Transmission
Front Speakers
Front Speakers
Power Steering

These are all the features added to the car by the company.

Charade Car Specifications:

The specifications added to the car by the company are as under:

Length3610 mm
Width1615 mm
Height1300 mm
Wheelbase2340 mm
Ground Clearance150 mm
Seating Capacity5 Persons
Transmission TypeManual Transmission
Kerb Weight810 Kg
Torque107 Nm @ 5000 RPM
Horsepower92 HP @ 6500 RPM
Cylinder ConfigurationIn-Line

These are all the specifications added to the car by the company that has made it best to be used anywhere in the country. The car was the king of its time.

Charade Car Availability in Pakistan:

The car has been discontinued for long in the country as the production of the car has been stopped. So, the car is only available to different individuals who are willing to sell their cars all across the country. The cars are listed for sale at different car-selling platforms at different prices. The minimum and maximum prices for these cars can be seen by visiting the market as well as by visiting different car-selling websites so that you may have an overview of the prices. In this way, you will be saved from paying high prices for the car that you are going to buy. This was all about Charade Car Price in Pakistan 2023.

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