Chevrolet Aveo Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications

The Chevrolet Aveo 2024 model is functional in two frames; the Sedan and the hatchback. That’s why Chevrolet Aveo Price in Pakistan 2024.

In addition, the Aveo sedan has been further classified into three models; the Base 1.6L DOHC 6AT, LS 1.6L DOHC 6AT, and the LT 1.6L DOHC 6AT. On the other hand, the Aveo Hatchback has two different categories, including the LS 1.6L DOHC 6AT and the LT 16. L DOHC 6AT. However, the name, shape, and model specifications are changed, but the basic features are identical in both variants. We know that in Pakistan, there is no manufacturing plant for Chevrolet; instead, they are imported from Japan. Although they are imported cars, the cost is very economical, and they are easily accessible in Pakistan.

Chevrolet Aveo Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of these cars depends on the overall condition, and the engine performance and quality of the vehicle material matter. From the official showroom of Chevrolet, the final cost of the car will be. On the other hand, The Chevrolet Aveo is present in large units in Pakistan, and these cars are easily accessible to clients all over the country. Furthermore, the maintenance of the Chevrolet Aveo is easy and costs a low amount. In addition, the Aveo needs regular checks after sometimes, the reason for the wreck is the improper keeping of the car, which thus leads to destruction.

Price of Chevrolet Aveo in Pakistan 2024PKR 52.0 lacs
Price of Chevrolet Aveo in 2024

Chevrolet Aveo Specifications 2024

The engine of this car has the displacement of and produces maximum torque, and this power is enough to make the ride perfect. The excellent quality material is used to manage this car engine to better the quality of drive and enhance the experience of the car owners.

Engine displacement capacity1598 cc
Engine type1.6L DOHC 6AT
Power production capability92.7bhp@6200rpm
No.of cylinder and valves4 and 16 valves
Fuel type and fuel tank capacityPetrol and 45.0 liters
Transmission mechanism type6 Speed automatic or manual transmission
Maximum Mileage15 km per liter

Furthermore, this brand’s vehicle runs faster and more smoothly, and the Chevrolet is a name of trust in the auto industry.

Exterior of the Chevrolet Aveo

On the front side of the Chevrolet Aveo, the streamlined shape of the bonnet gives a clear view. And the exterior design of this automobile is elegant enough to move on the road faster, which makes it come on the list of first-class cars. In addition to the outer body, the vehicle has four side doors with beautiful and soft door handles, and one is the back hatch door. Furthermore, most Aveo in Pakistan are grey. However, other colors also come, but the most demanding color is grey in the Aveo version. The backside hatchback door will be used when you want to store the extra luggage, and Stepney will also be in this place. The Chevrolet Aveo is available in the following color.

Exterior of the Chevrolet Aveo

Boracay Blue Metallic

Son of a Gun Gray Metallic

Switchblade Silver Metallic

Summit White

Abalone White Tricoat Metallic

Black Meet Kettle Metallic

Pull Me Over Red

Interior of Chevrolet Aveo

The interior layout of the Chevrolet Aveo fulfills the latest requirements, and a cluster of options are available for the relaxation of the people. The seats of this vehicle are made from fine fabric cloth and are soft enough to take a nap comfortably on long drives. In the interior, five people can sit in this car perfectly. Furthermore, in this vehicle, you should feel safe in every kind of condition because the body of this car can bear more load and does not crack. In addition to this, you will stay inside the car the whole night in remote areas where hotels are not available, but keep in mind that in this condition, you shall turn off the engine of the car and all the equipment like the heater of the vehicle to provide safety. Secondly, in this situation, you may vacate some space in the windows so the oxygen in the car will be maintained. On the other hand, to provide the occupants with fun in their travel, the company installs the latest infotainment features, bringing the occupants a perfect and enjoyable ride by their mode. They will not bore with the adventure.

Interior of Chevrolet Aveo

Safety measures in Chevrolet Aveo

The safety essentials in the Chevrolet Aveo are fantastic because the company understands that the occupant’s life is the most important, and it matters more than everything. However, how much the car’s worth rises, but the essential safety measures are available in every vehicle.

Sensor equipment outside air temperature sensor
Tire Pressure Monitor System
Suspension, 4-wheel independent, Soft Ride
StabiliTrak, stability control system
Electronic cruise control with set & resume speed
ABS (anti-lock brakes)
Driver and passenger dual airbags
Steering wheel controls
Rear Park Assist

Features of Chevrolet Aveo

We all are familiar with the structure and engine specs of the Chevrolet Aveo. The complete detail of all these specs is available in this article. Besides that, the Chevrolet Aveo has other excellent features which make it different from other vehicles falling in the same price range. The latest interpretation of the features in this car fulfills the customer’s intentions in every ride, and they don’t feel irritated throughout the journey. These features make the vehicle catch the buyer’s interest and on the spotlight on its initial preface.

Wheel Covers
Good mileage and fuel economy
Bluetooth, radio, and phone hands-free controls
Economical price
Rear seat full folding
Chevrolet MyLink audio system with 7″ diagonal color touch screen
Panoramic power sunroof
40/60 split Front fog lamps
USB ports
Front & rear bumper body-color
6 Speakers
Front power windows
Air conditioning, single-zone manual

On the other hand, the list of the essential features are written below to show the importance of the Chevrolet Aveo.

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Final words

The Chevrolet Aveo is an imported car, but the price is affordable. In most cases, the accident marks and cuts on the car’s exterior body cause a fall in the value of the vehicle and, as a result, the price drop. In addition, Just a single incision on the veteran caused a fall in the cost of the auto. On the other hand, there are many features in this sedan discussed in the particular place in this article. In the end, our team hopes that you like our review of Chevrolet Aveo Price in Pakistan 2024.

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