Honda 125 special edition 2024 price in Pakistan

Honda 125 is the most demanding bike in Pakistan, and the market for this motorcycle has never gone down throughout history. So today, you will get to know about Honda 125 special edition 2024 price in Pakistan.

If you ask any person who has driven bikes which bike is the most sought after in Pakistan, their answer will probably be that the best seller bike is Honda 125. The Honda 125 was designed first in 1976, and it was launched in Pakistan in 199. From that time, it grabbed people’s interest and curiosity.

Furthermore, the honda motorcycle or vehicle is known as the most durable and long-lasting. The body type of this bike has the commuter style, and disc and drum brakes are inserted to perform better and overcome the damping. In addition, the damping system is essential because it ensures a comfortable ride for the riders when moving on rough, bumpy roads. On this type of road, the vehicle produces excessive oscillations and creates difficulties in moving.

The shock absorber in the Honda 125 special edition is specially designed to overcome the damping and provide smooth flow.

Price of Honda 125 special edition

The Honda CG 125 Special Edition bike is priced at Rs 219,500 in 2024 in Pakistan. The rise in the price of Honda 125 is seen from the previous three years, and it may be due to the pandemic, and there are also some other reasons. The engine installed in this bike is a 4 Stroke OHV Air Cooled Engine.

On the other hand, the Honda 125 price is available in Pakistan from 154000 to 170000; the cost of these vehicles depends upon the motorcycle model.

Price of Honda 125 special edition on Pakistan 2024
Price of Honda 125 special edition in 2024

Safety measures in Honda 125 special edition

In the motorcycle, the safety tools are significantly less because it is small. The design of these vehicles is so that the rider is fully exposed to the atmosphere. However, the conditions are harsh and in favor of the rider. The Honda company pays excellent attention to safety measures in their vehicles. In Honda 125, the big brake drum gives exceptional control over the bike when riding.

Furthermore, the telescopic disc brake in the front suspension while at the rear side drum hydraulic brakes are installed. It is advised to the riders that please run the bike slowly because everyone knows that most of the accidents are due to harsh driving.

Rear hydraulic suspension
Front telescopic suspension
Service due indicator
Combined braking system
Fuel gauge
Gear position Indicator
Eco Indicator
Engine check warnings sensors
Shutter locks

Salient features of Honda 125 special edition

It comes with a cluster of dashing features. The starting mechanism of this bike is a self-start system, and the outer frame of this bike is presented to the customers in breathtaking graphics along with a unique chrome side core and astonishing pictures with a striking chrome side core.

Stainless steel Safeguard
Five-speed transmission
Digital speedometer
Digital odometer
Black painted stylish silencer
Silent Start with ACG
Led headlights
Average fuel economy indicator
Shutter lock
Engine check warning
Pass switch
Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Good mileage and long-lasting

Furthermore, for safety, the big Brake drum is inserted, which gives exceptional control on the bike. On the other hand, in Honda 125, there are five-speed or gear transmissions. Moreover, to increase the beauty of the cycle, a modern black painted stylish silencer core is placed o.n this bike with breathtaking sound

Engine specifications

in the Honda 125 engine (and only two of them). Other engine components are air cooling, a carburetor, and relatively modest power output. An overhead valve (OHV) engine is a piston engine whose valves are located in the cylinder head above the combustion chamber. After knowing that, you should realize the data engine is four Stroke OHV Air-Cooled having a displacement capacity of 124.1 cm3 and maximum power production is 11hp. Moreover, the bore and stroke are 56.5 x 49.5 mm, and the compression ratio of this bike is 9.0:1. In addition, the transmission of the Honda 125 is a 5 Speed Constant Mesh.

Engine displacement capacity 125cc
Engine type4 Stroke OHV Air-Cooled
Power production capabilityNine hp to 11 hp
No.of cylinder and valvesSingle-cylinder and four valves
Fuel typePetrol
Transmission mechanism type5 Speed Constant Mesh
Maximum Mileage35 kilometers under one Most

The Honda 125 consumes low fuel, and the efficiency can be better if the following paragraph is read carefully and applied.

Engine specifications

In addition, the rider takes the bike while riding in proper gear at a low rpm(revolution per minute); its level helps achieve better mileage figures and efficiency. Most of the 2-wheeler companies recommend riding the bike at speeds of around 50kmph to 60kmph to get the best mileage figure.

Along with this, you should keep the following points in mind to increase your bike efficiency. First, get your Bike regularly serviced by a skilled and experienced worker because servicing your bike at the proper intervals plays a vital role in your bike’s mileage checks. Check the Carburetor Settings and adequately check the tire pressure. In addition, always use good quality fuel and engine oil to reduce friction and overcome wear and tear problems. Please avoid rash riding because it damages the motorcycle and rides in the Economy because it is better for you and your bike.

Furthermore, the Kill Switch perpetually prevents parking in the direct Sunlight. Taking care of these points, you should see that the motorcycle consumes low fuel and performs better.

Final words

A bike carburetor is a vital component of a bike engine since it controls the ratio of the fuel and air mixture going inside the engine and is responsible for its movement and motion. The chassis of Honda 125 is a diamond type, and its body is like a commuter bike.

Furthermore, this motorcycle’s front suspension and rear suspension are telescopic and Hydraulic types, respectively. The mileage and efficiency of the bike will be better if the above paragraph is read carefully.

We have a mission of providing real-time reviews of cars in our motherland, Pakistan. Wishing that Honda 125 special edition 2024 price in Pakistan is informative for you.

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