Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Price in Pakistan 2024

Massey Ferguson is Canadian and American tractors and vehicles manufacturing company that came to the market in the mid-nineties. Due to their extensive use globally, we have brought the Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Price in Pakistan 2024.

After gaining experience, Massey Ferguson has expanded its product lines to include high-horsepower tractors, improved combine harvesters, headers, square round balers, windrowers, planters, loaders, grounds care mowers, and more. It turns the table in the agricultural field by doing maximum work in a short time. Furthermore, it is a famous tractor among all the farmers because of its better performance. In the subcontinent, especially Pakistan and India, the demand for this tractor is in the vast agricultural area. Massey Ferguson has a great name in the agriculture industry, and they have been manufacturing farm equipment for 160 years. In addition, the Massey Ferguson products are available worldwide.

Furthermore, Massey Ferguson manufactures tractors in eight countries to make them easily accessible to the public. And, if you are willing to know the tractor serial number because it is the foremost thing you want to see. The serial number of Massey Ferguson tractors is stamped into an aluminum plate on the right side of your tractor, on the steering gear housing. Use the tractor serial number table to look up the year, which year it comes to the market, and how many times it works.

When you read all the above articles, you should be careful and realize that this car is fantastic.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of these automobiles depends on the engine performance and the quality of the materials in the vehicle. The Massey Ferguson is easily achievable all over the world. The cost of Massey Ferguson is economically equal to the other tractors. Still, the plus point in this tractor is that they are available in different variants, and the body of some Massey Ferguson tractors is tall. The value of the new Massey Ferguson MF 240 tractor in Pakistan is up to 1.2 million pkr. This is not great because the cost of tractors of the other brands is more than this. Furthermore, the working time of this tractor is compatible with another tractor.

Price of Massey Ferguson tractor MF 240 in Pakistan 2024PKR 2,020,000
Price of Massey Ferguson tractor MF 240 in 2024

You should know that the Massey Ferguson is the most popular tractor in the country, but the price of all the Massey Ferguson Tractors is still economical. However, almost all vehicle owners increase the cost of their autos, but the Massey Ferguson still delivers its production at the previous rates. Although they are thinking about the hike in price because of the pandemic, everything is expensive, and the materials and daily wages of the workers increase. Because of this fact, they want to increase the price of their tractor.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Specifications 2024

The corporation installs the Mitsubishi engine in the Massey Ferguson tractors. Conversely, the other tractor manufacturing brands also use this engine in their compact tractors for better performance. Coming to the engine of the MF 240 tractor is powerful enough to make the lift perfect and easily travel on the roads of the slums. Furthermore, the excellent quality material in this tractor makes it manage the tractor’s engine to better the off-road experience.

Engine displacement capacity152.7 cu. Ins
Engine typePerkins AD 3.152 diesel engine
Power production capability50 hp (horsepower)
No.of cylinder and valvesThree cylinders
Fuel typeDiesel
Transmission mechanism typeEight-speed forward and two-speed reverse
Maximum Mileage8 kilometers perlite

Specifications of Massey Ferguson

The fuel injection system in the engine of the Massey Ferguson tractor is direct injection. On the other hand, the transmission of this tractor isEight-speed forward gears and two reverse gears. Because of this transmission mechanism, the tractor moves on every type of land quickly. Furthermore, the suspension of this tractor is Oil board drum front brakes are independent or locked. Besides, the fuel tank of the Massey Ferguson 240 tractor can store petrol up to 52 liters in the tank.

Features of  Massey Ferguson

You all are aware of the structure and engine of the Massey Ferguson MF 240 tractor. Likewise, the tractor has other beautiful features that make it different from other tractors and bring it to the top of this list. The latest version of the Massey Ferguson 240 features are present to fulfill the Farmer’s desires in every lift, and they don’t feel raw throughout the workout. These features make the Massey Ferguson 240 tractor catch the farmer’s attraction and attention in its first introduction.

Plough lamp
Visible number plate sheet
Adjustable top links
Differential locks
Stabilizer chain
Comfortable spring suspension seat
Indicator lights
Warning lights
Hand and foot accelerator
Vertical exhaust
Safety start switch ignition system
Over bonnet pre-cleaner
Rear PTO shield covet

Apart from this, there are other prominent and modified characteristics in the Massey Ferguson 240 tractor that make it reliable.

Final words

This tractor has standard latest features like a high Horn, toolbox, standard tool kit, and front-end weight frame. These characteristics make this tractor to be the first choice for the farmers. On the other hand, the Massey Ferguson MF 240 tractor is not only used for agriculture purposes instead, but it can also be deployed for the loading, construction sites, and many heavy-duty functions will be carried out by this tractor because this tractor has the potential to do hard work and bear more loads than the other. In Pakistan, most farmers vote for the Massey Ferguson on the agricultural land.

In addition, the first choice of all those people is Massey Ferguson because of the long-lasting and heavy-duty function from 60000 hours to 80000 hours. On the other hand, the Massey Ferguson tractor maintenance is low, and on single and regular oil changes, it performs better.

In Pakistan, this tractor is also known as the mill at Ferguson tractor. The Massey Ferguson tractors are file efficient and long-lasting.  In simple words, the life span of these tractors is very long.

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