Nissan Dayz Roox Price in Pakistan New Models Specs

Here you will learn about the Nissan Dayz Roox Price in Pakistan. Nissan is a well-known car brand. In the past few years, its cars are being used worldwide. We have also seen that its cars are also being used in Pakistan. It is imported through different dealers and people use these cars. Since these cars have all the necessary functions for the basic needs of drivers, the company is working hard to put all the necessary functions into the cars that will be launched in the future to facilitate its users and expand its global customer base to enhance its customers all over the world group. Here we will discuss one of the most used cars of the brand called Nissan Dayz Roox and the price of this car, so let’s start with the price of this car which mentioned below:

Nissan Dayz Roox Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car I Pakistan is about PKRĀ 35.8 lacs. The price of this car may vary as it is an imported car.

Nissan Dayz Roox Features:

As it is an imported car and it comes with different features. Some of its features are as follows:

Power Windows
Power Steering
Anti-Lock Braking System
Air Conditioner
Air Bags
Audio Player

Nissan Dayz Roox Features

These are all the features of this car that is being used in Pakistan and all over the world.

Nissan Dayz Roox Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Engine (cc)660
Mode of Driving4 wheel drive/2 wheels drive
Transmission TypeAutomatic Transmission
Total Number of Doors5
Seating Capacity4

Nissan Dayz Roox Specifications

These are all the specifications this car is equipped with which are a demand of usually every car user these days.

Nissan Dayz Availability:

This car is available at different imported car dealers all over Pakistan or you can also get it imported yourself by contacting your nearest imported car dealer. This was all about Nissan Dayz Roox Price in Pakistan.

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