FAW Vita V5 Price in Pakistan 2024

Faw is a Chinese auto manufacturing company famous for its reliable and cheap products. That’s why we have brought the FAW Vita V5 Price in Pakistan 2024. In addition, people have calumny about the Chinese things that they are not reliable, but now you cannot pull someone’s leg by these things. Also, Faw’s vehicle has its stance. We know that you have cynicism about this car, but on the other hand, we try our best to keep you on the line. After realizing this blog post from top to bottom, you should not shoot off one’s mouth. Rather, you show the adequacy of your knowledge. To make an exonerate view of the Faw Vita V5 for the people’s interest. We wrote his article to give all the information about this car.

Price of the Faw Vita V5 in Pakistan in 2024

In every condition, the price of the Faw Vita V5 will be Meritorious for the owners because its market and demand are high throughout the year. Furthermore, the price of this car is not high, and you should not pay through the nose. Although there is a ndulundulatingheth auto market, we know the rise and fall in the price of vehicles are part of the industry. For your convenience, on the other hand, buy the Faw Vita V5 straight from the horse’s mouth. And in Pakistan, the dealership of Faw vehicles is with the alhaji group of companies. So, do not perturb yourself with such thinking that Chinese things are causing difficulties. But in contrast, for the birds, it is uninteresting and meaningless to depend on the brand. Rather, they are seeking the engine functionality and specs of the car.

Price of the Faw Vita V5 in Pakistan in 2024Around 3 Million Rupees
Price of the Faw Vita V5 in USD in 2024Not available

We avoid the verbose style in this article and the accolade of Faw Vita V5; we are sharing interesting facts about the car. Furthermore, the latest price of this car in 2024 will be given, so the reader should not go to any other place.

Engine specifications

To defeat the functions of the Faw Vita v5, we take an overview of the engine configuration and power delivery. In addition, suggestions from the experts will be highly appreciated.

Engine type4 cylinder in line, water cool, four strokes, 16 valves, DOHC, VCT-I, Electric control multipoint fuel-injected engine
Peak power (hp) capacity75/6000 kW rpm
Maximum torque135/4400 Nm rpm
Compression ratio10.2 ? 1
Valve mechanismDOHC valve mechanism
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and 45 liters
Maximum mileage value5.6 liters per 100 km
Displacement1.497 cc

After seeing all the specifications of this car, you will be able to decide whether to buy this car or not and not to sell someone short. Furthermore, it will run smoothly on all types of roads.

The exterior design of Faw Vita V5

Faw Vita V5 has a design like the Honda Civic, although the newest version of the latter one has maximum changes in the exterior look. So, to make the Faw Vita V5 legacy, minor alterations are added to the car’s design. These changes keep it on the market, and the demand is higher. In this car, the smooth driving can’t drive you up a wall. Rather it will give you an amazing driving experience. Similarly, the flaunt design of the car is competing with the latest design of the car.

The exterior design of Faw Vita V5

Interior Design of Faw Vita V5

Applaud for the realistic design and style of the Faw Vita V5. After realizing the interior structure, you should hit the hay on the seats of this car. Similarly, you are innervated, but the soft seating position will exhaust all your tiredness. So, carefully see the features of this car and in comparison to the other vehicles do not go through one’s hat.

Interior Design of Faw Vita V5

Features of Faw Vita V5

The unutterable features of flaw vita v5 make it a surfeit for car lovers. In addition to owning the specifications of this car are impossible in this article, so in shaking a leg situation, we will describe the major specs of the car only. Similarly, the Console box and Glove box in this car are present with other stunning features.

Tire Pressure Monitor System
Front bumper with built-in anti-bump girder
Dark inner trimming of the whole cabin
Built-in location whole enclosure
A built-in anti-bump girder in
High-mounted mounted stop lamp Door pockets and cup ho
indoor neck injury protection headrest
The anti-dazzle interior rearview mirror and Inner trim
High rigidity absorbing energy body
Leatherette seats and Matt emulsion door handles
Instrument panel light regulation and Inner reading lamp

On the other hand, driving in the Faw vita v5, we feel like driving like a million dollars cars. However, the fact is that the price of the car is fairly economical.

Safety features in Faw Vita V5

It is bent over backward for us to write the safety measures of the Faw Vita V5 in this short paragraph. But on the other hand, we try very hard to discuss all the main specs of the car.

Energy-absorbing 3-spoke steering wheel
ABS ( anti-lock braking system ) +EBD ( electronic brake distribution force ) (with failure warning)
The front/rear seat belts and Seat belt warning (Driver)
Foldable energy-absorbing steering column
Driver and passenger electronic airbags
Central locking system and Anti-intrude brake pedal
Child proof locks on rear doors
Brake Override System (BOS) and Warning without locking doors
Parking sensors and rear camera

Intimately, we say that the safety requirements in the Faw Vita V5 make a splash for car lovers.

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Final words

All the Faw vehicles give an Amicable drive, and the performance of the Faw Vita V5 is reasonable. In addition, driving in this car will create the sensation of having the world by the tail. Similarly, the Faw Vita V5 cars are successful from the launching date and give a happy and joyous drive.

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