Mercedes Benz E Class E200 price in Pakistan 2024

Mercedes is the most famous and luxurious car manufacturing company globally. Today in this article, you will learn about the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 Price in Pakistan 2024. Whenever somebody wants to buy a luxurious and elegant car, Mercedes luxurious cars become their first choice. The Mercedes company provides the best reliable and opulent choice cars for them. However, their prices are much higher than other automobile companies, and it is due to their impressive features and specifications. You should note that Mercedes Automobiles are among the safest and most cost-efficient cars. The higher prices of Mercedes are expected to sound engineering, the use of Expensive materials, and its durability for a longer time. The Mercedes cars always lead from its competitors in speed and power.

The Mercedes Benz E Class E200 has a 1796CC engine that generates power up to 184 HP. Similarly, the car has a 7-speed automatic transmission and is very good. The 7-speed transmission gives it a very high speed on highways without breaking the comfort of the drivers.

Moreover, unlike most cars, the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 changes gears automatically superfast and leads to higher acceleration in a shorter time. Therefore, the seven-speed transmission boosts accelerations, which also helps the car engine for more incredible mileage. It generally keeps the engine at a very proletarian revolution at variable speeds.

Before proceeding towards more detail about the Mercedes Benz E Class E200, let me show you the price of the car in Pakistan.

Mercedes Benz E Class E200 price in Pakistan 2024

According to car dealers, the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 will not have a higher price like other latest models of other companies. However, it will still cost you up to 3.5 million PKR. Apart from the estimated price, it would help if you also prepared for tax duties on the car.

The car will undergo a tremendous amount of customs duty and registration fees, still well worth that amount. However, due to the extensive features and an excellent standard, the car will have huge sales all around Pakistan. Mainly, the price comes after the reliability and safety of the vehicles—That’s why it will not be a more considerable amount for the buyers to get a beautiful Mercedes at that price.

The Price of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 in Pakistan 2024 in PKRPKR 5.0 – 7.2 crore
Price of Mercedes Benz E Class E200 in Pakistan 2024 USD

The cost of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 in Pakistani rupees and United States dollars is present in the table. If we get any updates regarding its price variation in Pakistan, we will let you know soon in the latest articles.

Exterior Design of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200

The exterior of the Mercedes E200 is exquisite and unique. It has an excellent design, a design that suits aerodynamics. The design is smooth throughout the body and gives a fantastic look to viewers. In terms of strength, it has a metallic body with low weight and is significantly more robust.

Exterior Design of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200

Furthermore, this car comes in a large variety of colors, giving more options to buyers to choose their preferred colors. This car has a sunroof that continuously allows fresh air inside the vehicle for more comfortability. Like most cars, it has four doors and has a curb weight of up to 1700 KG. In terms of capacity, the vehicle has five passenger seats, including the driver. For more reliability, the car has alloy wheels that are lighter in weight. These alloy wheels help the vehicle chase a maximum speed of 260km/hr in a shorter time than other cars.

Furthermore, the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 wheel size is 18 inches. The car has an EFI fuel system like most modern cars. Apart from that, it has a suspension of 3-link that are Multi-link. These Multi-Link suspensions help the vehicle to be more flexible while observing shocks. In simple words, the car will attain the most comfortable angle to the varying angles of the roads.

Interior Design Of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200

Like the exterior design of this Mercedes, the interior section of the car is also beautiful. The seats are made of excellent leather, giving more comfort to the passengers. For safety purposes, the vehicle has power door locks and a central locking system that locks all the doors from the driver’s single operation. The car has a cruise control system to make the Mercedes Benz more efficient and smooth its journey. The car’s cruise control system is the latest feature present only in the latest and modern cars; this system allows the driver to drive at a constant speed. Furthermore, the cruise control system also makes the vehicle more efficient because the car moves at a continuous pace and avoids acceleration. Due to no acceleration, the engine doesn’t consume more fuel, and thus it becomes fuel-efficient.

Interior Design Of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200

Features of Benz E Class E200

The Mercedes Benz E Class E 200 has an extensive range of features. The parts of this car are very reliable and make this car one of the best. However, it would help if you looked at the table properly because it will give an idea of the Mercedes Benz E200.

Power Door locks
Alloy wheels
Cruise Control system
7-speed Automatic transmission
Steering adjustment system
Keyless entry system
Multi-link Suspension
Seat Adjustment
CD player.

The above tables show you the main features of the Mercedes Benz E Class E 2OO. If you want to know the benefits and the details of these features, kindly read the complete article.

Specifications of the Mercedes Benz E Class E 200

The specifications of the components and parts of the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 are present in the below table:

Fuel systemEFI
Transmission Type,7-speed Transmission
No of cylinders in EngineFour
Engine power184HP
Fuel Tank capacity80 L
Top Speed260 KM/HR

These specifications give it an edge over other cars in its price range.

However, still, it will cost you three and a half million rupees.

Final Words:

Mercedes Benz E Class E200 is one of the latest models by Mercedes. It is very reliable and has a very charming look. Furthermore, this car multi-features and has good specifications, which captivates drivers and buyers. However, you should be mentally prepared for the variations in its price due to the imposing of new taxes.

I hope that the Mercedes Benz E Class E200 price in Pakistan 2024 gives you an honest inspection of the car.

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