Suzuki Baleno price in Pakistan 2024

The 1st Generation Suzuki Baleno came into the market in 1998, and after that, Baleno models became very famous. Today you will get to know about the Suzuki Baleno Price in Pakistan 2024. The first Generation Suzuki Baleno was available in 7 variants, including Gli, GXi, JXL, GL, JXR, Sport, and GTi 1.6. The Suzuki Baleno price was pretty competitive compared to other models in the same class.

In the Suzuki Baleno, an individual should see the new showing of the Suzuki corporation, besides they also have an appetite to buy this fantastic car to fulfill his needs and give luxuries. Everyone knows that the Suzuki company is confident in the automobile industry because they made cars for the upper class and the proletariat and kept their basic requirements, fulfillment, and way of thinking. Therefore, the company has a dominant hold over the automobile sector.

Suzuki Baleno price in Pakistan 2024

The price of Suzuki Baleno in the frugal economic year 2024 in Pakistan is much higher.

Suzuki Baleno’s price is Rs. 545,000 in Pakistan. This price of Baleno is ex-showroom price means that all the duties, Fees, tax, and customs charges are included in this price of Suzuki Baleno. Therefore, the minimum price of Suzuki Baleno in 2024 in Pakistan is 4,15,000, and the maximum price in Pakistan is 6,40,000. Furthermore, the price of these vehicles depends upon the car’s overall condition. The prices of all the variants of Suzuki Baleno are present in the table.

Suzuki Baleno Price in PKRPKR 5.9 – 7.9 lacs
Suzuki Baleno Price in USD

Variants of Suzuki Baleno

There are eight variants of Suzuki Baleno, which are;

GL 1298 cc petrol manual
GLI 1298 cc petrol manual
GLIP 1298 cc petrol manual
GTi 1.6.  1590 cc petrol manual
GXI 1298 cc petrol manual
JXL 1298 cc petrol manual
JXR 1298 cc petrol manual
Sport 1298 cc petrol manual

Suzuki Baleno price in Pakistan 2022 Suzuki Baleno price in Pakistan 2022

As mentioned above, Suzuki Baleno has many unique variants. Still, one thing is common in all of these variants: reliability and lower price than other companies.

 The Exterior Design of Suzuki Baleno

the 1st Generation’s exterior is relatively restrained and minimalistic. The front side of Suzuki Baleno features angular trapezium-styled headlights, a rectangular front show with a chrome accent, and dual air ventilators on the front bumper. Moreover, the rear-end houses are angular trapezium-styled lights and an outward sticking rear bumper.

 The Exterior Design of Suzuki Baleno  The Exterior Design of Suzuki Baleno

Interior Design Of Suzuki Baleno

The interior of the 1st Generation Baleno adjusts dark grey plastic trim pieces. The front and back seats are covered with fabrics, which relieves the passengers.

Interior Design Of Suzuki Baleno

Some standard features of Suzuki Baleno are air conditioning, cup holders, Power lock doors, power steering, power windows, a stereo speaker system for infotainment, and a tachometer. The overall interior of the Suzuki Baleno is not splendid like another car of Suzuki, but it is better than the car of the same class. Besides, the air conditioning system is not robust in some variants of the Suzuki Baleno because this car is designed for protracted people. And the price is meager due to this low price. These features are not added to this car. Otherwise, the cost of Baleno will be raised in the automobile industry.

Safety Information

For the safety of passengers, the following safety features are added in the Suzuki Baleno. First, the exterior body of this automobile is very hard. In simple words, it means that the exterior of this car bears more weight and thus provides safety to occupants. More the shock absorbers of the Baleno absorb more of the shocks. That’s why the people of the hilly areas like the Baleno for it’s good to ride.

Furthermore, the spare parts used in this car are purest, perform functions for a long time, and are easily accessible.

Features of Suzuki Baleno

If you ever want to buy a car, you must look into its features because the features of a car give it the edge over other vehicles. Therefore, we have collected all the vehicle features in the below table.

ABS(Antilock braking system)
Power door lock
Cruise control
Keyless entry
Power Steering
Child Safety Locks
Power Windows
Seatbelt warning
Climate Control sensors
Digital clock
Fabric made seat
Disc and drum brakes in front and rare side, respectively
Traffic alert

The table also shows some unique features which make it one of the best cars at a lower price.

Specifications of Suzuki Baleno

The engine of Suzuki Baleno delivers its fairest design; if you see it’s the engine, you shall realize the prolixity in the engine making.

Moreover, the field tank capacity of Suzuki Baleno is 37 liters. And it has 1.3 Liter DOHC 16 Valve and Inline-4 cylinders and 1.5 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 cylinders. The gearbox is five -a speed manual transmission mechanism.

Furthermore, the mileage of the 1st Generation Suzuki Baleno can achieve an average of 12KM/L. In simple words, it means that the Baleno engine burns one liter of petrol to cover a distance of 12 km. Therefore, the transmission mechanism of this car is manual.

Displacement of different variants1197cc, 1298cc, and 1590cc
Transmission mechanismManual and five gears
Maximum power production82 bhp(horsepower) @ 6000 rpm(rotation per minute)
Antilock braking system (ABS)Yes
Mileage10 kilometers per liter of petrol

For the details of these specifications, you should read the above section of the article that will explain it further with some more information. However, this table will show you an overview of the specifications of the components present in the car.

Final Words

The Suzuki Baleno is a small car whose price is meager, and the transmission mechanism is manual. There are eight variants of this car.

Furthermore, their displacement is from 1197cc to 1590cc, and petrol is used as fuel. The seating capacity of Suzuki Baleno is five people. The mileage of this car is 10km to 12 km per liter of petrol.

Moreover, the safety features and critical features of this car are discussed in this article. The Suzuki Baleno has many variants, providing multiple features to customers. Furthermore, there is a slight difference between these variants, and due to these differences, the prices may vary at a lower rate. I hope you find the Suzuki Baleno Price in Pakistan 2020 article helpful for choosing the right car.

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