Checkout Here What You Get In The Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022

This time the Japanese automobile manufacturer has presented its ultra pro max in its LC 300 series SUV, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022. This one, among other LC 300, is significantly more luxurious, refined, technical, and sophisticated. The identity of this version of LC 300 has been molded to make it stand apart from the other competitors in the market.

It looks like the Toyota Motor Corporation is very much interested in selling this SUV of theirs to those who are ”genuinely” into it. That’s the reason that this car comes with a pre-sale contract putting restrictions on reselling it within a year of its purchase.

Let’s have a look at the attributes of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, which is available only in selective countries across the globe.


On the technological front, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is totally revised. It features a 12.3-inch infotainment Android Auto and Apple CarPlay screen that provides stats regarding the air conditioning, navigation, and climate controls, among other things, along with a heads up display, wireless charging options, USB charging sockets (2 at the front and 4 at the rear) and fully-rotating camera. With this comes the automatic four-zone climate control, AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension), Lane Trace Assist with steering wheel vibration, E-KDSS (Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System).

Checkout Here What You Get In The Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022
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This one of Toyota’s SUVs has a No-Touch Back Door feature that lets you handle the back door by just setting up the foot on the bumper at the rear. The technological advancements of this ultra pro SUV are its most celebrated attribute. These advancements are not just limited to the assembling and interior embellishments of this off-road monster but can also be seen in the security and safety features. Read through the article to know more about that.


The TGNA platform has supported this SUV from Toyota in losing 441 lb curb weight which has made it a tough-to-run and light-to-drive model. As soon as you set your foot on the platform, the quotient of ”Land Cruise” will catch your sight. Whether you talk about its doors, seats, engine parts, or outer appearance, the exceptional quality of the materials that are used in the making of this ultra pro max SUV is worth appreciation. JBL tweeters and mirror controls in piano-black finishing are set up in the doors, which are actually acquired from Toyota Venza.

The electric adjustability of heated seats, along with its style and quality, adds just right onto the spaciousness of this 7 seater ultra pro max SUV. Also, there is sufficient space at the back of the car altogether with a parcel shelf that is wide enough for the sitting of 2 to 3 people. Isn’t it just splendid?

The storage box supports both side openings with in-built glass holders. This is just so cool! Also, there is a lock system at the front with three differentials.

Checkout Here What You Get In The Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022
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And how can I forget about the leather padded steering wheel with a diligent switch placement that takes care of your comfort at the same time keeping the hand-sweat at bay which makes sure your grip is right to go.


The exterior of this SUV hasn’t walked a long way to be differentiated from its other companions. The chrome-plated grille at the front with vents at both sides roars of the rugged and sturdy SUV that it is. This version of VXR has LED headlight washers at the front and back. However, there isn’t any front grille camera that is a celebrated feature of the sport-trimmed SUV from Toyota.

Talking about its wheels, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 has been carved with 20-inch chrome-plated alloy wheels in black that have a little square kink and amazing suspension.

Checkout Here What You Get In The Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022
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At the rear, you can see the ”LAND CRUISER” engraved boldly right in the center. One noteworthy thing is that the tailgate of this car gets opened by pressing the button on the car key. 

This SUV off-road fighter of Toyota is 4985 mm long, 1945 mm high, 1990 mm in width at a ground clearance of 230 mm.


Not going with the flow, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 comes with a V6 protract twin-turbo engine instead of a V8 that is strong enough to stretch on any journey with a boosting power that actually uses only 4 cylinders out of 8, making the ride effortlessly comfy for you and the car itself. With this power, the engine of this SUV generates 305 Horsepower (HP) and 700 Newton-metres (N-m) at the peak torque. The engine gets operational with diesel at a fuel holding capacity of 3.3 liters.

Checkout Here What You Get In The Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022
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The vehicle’s suspension power is said to be backed up by a 10-speed automatic transmission gearbox which can go by 60 to 100 miles in less than 7 seconds.


This elevation of LC 300 Series comes with three distinguished driving modes (that are listed below), held up by multi-terrain support, which makes this Toyota the only SUV with this enhanced feature.

  • MTS
  • DAC Crawl and
  • Remote


The start switch at the front of the driver’s seat has a fingerprint sensor that activates with the magical ”Smart Key”, is enough to prove that this ultra pro max SUV comes with high-end security features. Use the Smart Key, then put your foot on the brake pedal and unlock the engine with your fingerprint. In case someone tries to run away with your Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, your SUV will protect itself unless against the danger of being stolen.

The dual pre-collision function acts as a helping hand in detecting the approaching and foregoing traffic at convergence and zebra crossing and also manages the lane direction at the times of extreme rotations to avoid any possible collisions, gets the job done surely.

A fire extinguisher has been added to this another-level SUV for additional safety. But it just doesn’t end here! In fact, this rough and tough Toyota player has been equipped with brake supports and acceleration supports. While the former is able to detect the motionless objects placed in both front and rear directions, the latter looks past the traversing through the on-road and off-road hurdles.

There is a control option present right at the windscreen wiper (to the rear), which cleans off the rear camera. This detail has been added to tackle the mists of winter.


This ultra pro max SUV from Toyota is estimated to be somewhere around 60,000,000 PKR in terms of Pakistani Rupees and around 1.50 crores INR.


Checkout Here What You Get In The Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022
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  • Steely Gray
  • Pearl White
  • Metallic Silver
  • Crystal White
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Metallic Russet


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