Toyota Mirai price in Pakistan 2024

We are familiar with the Toyota company and know the similar products in the auto manufacturing industry. In this article, we will discuss the Toyota Mirai Price in Pakistan 2024 along with, their features, engine, interior, and exterior structure. Moreover, the Toyota Mirai is an electric car. A hydrogen fuel cell is placed in this car, and you know that these fuel cells are not harmful to the environment because they do not emit hazardous radiation, which saves the inhabitants and money. It is an electric hybrid car that travels up to speed by the batteries or fuel cells installed in this car. In addition, the mileage is 67 Miles in City, and on the highway, it is 64 Miles to 65 Miles. Furthermore, the body style of the Toyota Mirai is a sedan. And it is designed for five people to sit comfortably.

Toyota Mirai price in Pakistan 2024

The cost of Toyota Mirai in Pakistan is very high because it is an electric sedan. Being Pakistani, we know that the customs charge depends on the electric car, so the final price shall be exalted. In 2024 the price of Toyota Mirai Limited Fuel Cell EV is PKR 11,484,000 ( one crore 14 lacs and 84 thousand)

 Toyota Mirai Limited Fuel Cell EV 2024 price in PakistanPKR 1,12,48,000 – 1,49,98,000
 Toyota Mirai Limited Fuel Cell EV price

The exterior of the Toyota Mirai 2024

The Toyota Mirai is a lightweight car. Its weight is 4,335 pounds. Toyota Mirai is a superb vehicle in the auto industry. It is a very competitor of the same class as other auto manufacturing cooperations. The mileage of this vehicle is significant as compared to other cars. It is fuel-efficient and an electric vehicle.

Toyota Mirai price in Pakistan 2022

Interestingly, the company gives a three-year warranty for this car or travels up to 6500 kilometers. The fuel tank capacity of Toyota Mirai is 37.5 gallons due to its good mileage. It consumes a very lie amount of fuel for a long drive. There are four doors in this car, and the seating capacity is five. The Toyota Mira is accompanied by an LED headlight, which is fuel-efficient and reliable for drivers. Unlike most cars, the back end is exquisite and has a good aerodynamic shape. In terms of style, the car’s front bumper has a 3-d Cut due to which it looks stunning to viewers.

Interior of Toyota Mirai 2024

The Interior of this car contains all the luxurious items like the seats are made from soft fabric leather and designed in an impressive manner which puts on relaxation to the eyes of the possessor. The seating capacity of this car is five-person to sit comfortably. Moreover, for infotainment purposes, the seventeen-inch touch screen is available and has Bluetooth connectivity.

Interior of Toyota Mirai 2022

In addition, there is a voice control system, and the organization designs the interior with great care. You realize that a bottle holder is made in the car, which shows the company’s interest in manufacturing this sedan.

Specifications of Toyota Mirai

The engine installed in Toyota Mirai is electric, and the transmission mechanism is automatic. And the gearbox is single speed. Moreover, the batteries inside it are rechargeable and produce a power of 182 horsepower. And the exciting fact is that the company gives three years warranty for this sedan. Furthermore, the low file warning light is present also.

Engine TypeElectric Engine
Battery Size1.24 kWh
Torque221 lb-ft
Power production182 horsepower
Maximum speed110MPh
Cruising Range300Miles

This car’s front suspension and back suspension are multi-linked, and the torsion beam, respectively. Moreover, the disc brakes are on the front and rear sides of the car.


The Toyota Mirai 2024 is an electric sedan made for a long and safe drive, and to give it a shape to the vision of a luxury ride, modern and new features are added to the car.

Power windows
Power Steering
Anti Lock braking system (ABS)
Air conditioner
Central locking system
Touch screen
Aluminum Wheels
Electric engine
Fuel efficient
Low fuel warning light

The Toyota is one of the best and good quality cars from Toyota Company in recent years. It is very reliable and has a perfect look because of its front and back style.

Safety Information

Every individual when buying a car or any other thing. It is natural to know its safety features and comforts because human error is possible, although we care so much. So to save the passenger’s life in an emergency and protect the car from the thief, the following safety features are added to the Toyota Mirai.

Rear camera
Adjustable seatbelts
Power door locks
Night rearview mirror
Child safety lock
(ABS) Anti-lock Brakes system
Seat belt warning sensors
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Parking sensors
Voice Control
Disc, and drum brakes
Anti-theft device

The Toyota Mirai is an expensive and luxurious car, so the company strengthened the protection and safety measures in the sedan. Sensitive sensors are present in this car which are very helpful in parking lots and better the road experience.

Final words

It is strong enough to save you against frequent collisions and accidents, unlike modern vehicles. Many safety features accompany it. Safety is the most important thing that buyers focus on while bringing cars. So due to this, Toyota Mirai features some of the new and unique safety features. For automatic parking, the vehicle features parking sensors that let the driver park automatically without any interference. The vehicle has ABS brakes that avoid Wheels skidding during the brake and let the car stop at a shorter distance than usual. In more features, the car has a Seat belt warning system that warns drivers and passengers when they don’t wear seat belts. Furthermore, the vehicle also has power door locks and anti-theft devices to ensure cars’ safety from all types of situations. To make cars safer and secure, the Toyota Mirai has  Night rearview cameras and has LED headlights that are much more efficient.

The Toyota Mirai Price in Pakistan 2024 is an excellent article if you have thoughts about buying this car.  This article will assist you with Toyota Mirai in a very straightforward way. As a result, you will understand this vehicle more clearly.

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